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We are God’s well-loved children! We are young, not-so young, married, single, in partnerships, widows, and widowers. We are ethnically, racially, politically, socially, economically, and theologically diverse, and we love each other! We like to say that we are blessed to be a blessing! We use who we are to build relationships with each other and the neighbors around us.


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Welcome to worship on this first Sunday in Lent. During Lent, our focus is on God’s steadfast love and faithfulness through Jesus Christ as we surrender ourselves to the Lord through confession and preparation for rebirth at Easter.

Lenten devotional booklets are available in the Narthex. Please use this resource as a blessing during our 6-week journey with Jesus.

Lenten Prayer Wall – As part of our communal Lenten journey with Jesus, you are invited to offer a prayer for yourself and others and tie a ribbon on our prayer wall in front of the church. Our prayer wall is open to the community, as well.

Our February Fellowship Luncheon is today! Please stay and be our guest as we enjoy fellowship together. For those who want to stay a little longer, we’ll have table games for all to enjoy!

The Presbytery of Florida gathers on Tuesday at First Presbyterian Church, DeFuniak Springs. Don Mowat, Kathy Welsh, Rich Kangas, and Pastor Lisa will be in attendance. At this meeting our General Presbyter, The Rev. Dr. Roy Martin, will be honorably retired. We give thanks for his ministry with us these past six years!

The session has called for the Annual Meetings of the Congregation and Corporation for next Sunday, Feb. 25. These brief meetings will be held at the close of worship.

In partnership with Florida Presbytery, we are hosting a class on Black History: An Essential Conversation. Our own Rev. Dr. Harvey Jenkins will lead this study. There’s still time to register to participate! Contact Pastor Lisa. The classes meet Feb. 22, 29, and March 7 from 10-11:30.

Next Sunday we receive the 2-Cents-a-Meal offering, which supports food insecurity ministries of First Church and Florida Presbytery. Thank you for making a difference in our community!

The church office will be closed tomorrow for Presidents’ Day. It will reopen on Tuesday.


Carol Oakley, 2/4

Cathy Kilpatrick, 2/6

Sophie Mutsaers, 2/8

Millie Van Norman, 2/9

Katy MacKay, 2/12

Doris Tinker, 2/12
Catherine Hearn-Sauceda, 2/14

Deborah Mease, 2/19

Steven McPherson, 2/24

Robin Calhoun, 2/25

Kelley Wells, 2/27

Carolyn Wilson, 2/27

Bill Mease, 3/7

Jimmy Calhoun, 3/9

James Murfee, 3/9

Rachel Holmes, 3/13

Richard Walker, 3/14

Jodie Mills, 3/20

Sharon McGhee, 3/22

Carol Austin, 3/30

Kelley Fiddler, 3/30

Jennifer Hodges, 4/7

Lisa Martin, 4/9

Aline Trussell, 4/16

Brad Thoreson, 4/21

Kathy McCurdy, 4/26

Nancy Brzozowski, 4/28

Larry Hammond & Carol Oakley, 2/7

Harvey & Johanna Jenkins, 2/7


Charles & Marti Willis, 3/12

Lloyd & Rosa Stanley, 3/20

David & Marie Rutenberg, 4/5

Bill & Deborah Mease, 4/9

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