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We are God’s well-loved children! We are young, not-so young, married, single, in partnerships, widows, and widowers. We are ethnically, racially, politically, socially, economically, and theologically diverse, and we love each other! We like to say that we are blessed to be a blessing! We use who we are to build relationships with each other and the neighbors around us.


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With joy we welcome everyone to worship! During this season
of Pentecost, we celebrate God’s creative activity in the world as
people come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow the church.

Today we receive the 2-Cents-a-Meal offering which supports
our backpack ministry with food-insecure students at Lynn
Haven Elementary School. Thank you for giving generously!

Kids Connection gathers today during Fellowship
Hour. All elementary age youth are invited!

Our Holy Cow Local Arrangements Team (LAT) meets Monday
at 5 pm in the church office parlor.

It’s not too late to register for our Oct. 4 Memory Loss
We will have an expert panel on hand! Refer to the
workshop information in the inside fold of today’s worship

Next Sunday we will celebrate the sacrament of Holy
Everyone is welcome to the table, so prepare your
hearts and minds to receive “the gifts of God for the people of

The session has called for a congregational meeting for the
close of worship on Sunday, October 8, to hear a report from the
Nominating Committee and to act on their recommendation to
elect ruling elders to the Class of 2026.

Looking Ahead: First Church is hosting the Fall meeting of Florida
on Tuesday, October 24. Lots of help will be welcome
and needed! We will need continental breakfast treats, gallons
of iced teas, desserts, people to help set up, direct traffic, help
with registration, keep coffee pots stocked, assist with lunch, and
clean up. Please contact Pastor Lisa to volunteer! Let’s extend
our fantastic First Church hospitality to brothers and sisters in
Florida Presbytery!

Greeters: Jim and Ann Fyfe
Church Safety Volunteer: David Cooley

Greeters: Rich and Peggy Kangas
Church Safety Volunteer: John Deegins


Atleigh Fiddler, 8/9

Bruce Mackay, 8/9

Chris Stanley, 8/14

Jason Stanley, 8/16

Charles Willis, 8/24

Alex Stanley, 8/26

Chris & Laura Stanley, 8/5

Jodie & Nancy Mills, 8/12

Huey & Sue Hayes, 8/14

Lisa & Roy Martin, 8/19

Claire & Chris Calohan, 8/20

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