We are God’s well-loved children! We are young, not-so young, married, single, in partnerships, widows, and widowers. We are ethnically, racially, politically, socially, economically, and theologically diverse, and we love each other! We like to say that we are blessed to be a blessing! We use who we are to build relationships with each other and the neighbors around us.


At its meeting in October, the session expressed gratitude that Covid cases around us are decreasing steadily each week. We know that there continue to be breakthrough cases and cases among those who are not vaccinated, but even those are decreasing. With thanksgiving to God for what appears to be light at the end of this long and dark pandemic tunnel, the session voted to do away with protocols that deal with the wearing of masks indoors during worship. Beginning 10/17, you may attend worship with or without a mask; the decision is yours.


This Sunday is Presbyterian Heritage Sunday! Heritage Sunday always falls on the Sunday closest to May 21, the opening date of the first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America in 1789. Happy 233rd, Presbyterian Church!

Last Day of School Cookout for LHES students and families is this Wednesday! Those who can be present to help should be here no later than 11:00 so that we can set up and be ready when school is dismissed at 11:30.

It’s Not Too Late to register for summer camp at Camp Dogwood Acres! Check out their opportunities for children and youth at https://www.dogwoodacres.org/. Pastor Lisa will serve as camp chaplain the week of July 24-29.

The Monday Morning Prayer Group will gather tomorrow at 9 am in the church office parlor. If you’re up for praying that early in the morning, feel free to join us! ☺ It’s a casual gathering where we share joys and concerns. We also pray over the Prayer Box that is in the Narthex.

We’re creating a History Room! Hurricane Michael displaced a lot of our church historical artifacts (pictures, paperwork, etc). It’s time to create a display so that we may enjoy the memorabilia once more! If you’re interested in helping with this, please contact Pastor Lisa. This will be a fun and inspiring summertime project!

Do you have magazines you’re no longer reading? If you want to share them with others, please bring them to the Fellowship Hall and place them on the front round table. Let’s not fill the landfills with good magazines that can be upcycled!


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Roy Martin, 5/2

Sandy Destival, 5/3
Marti Willis, 5/3
John Deegins, 5/7
Mitch Hood, 5/8
Micki Lawley, 5/14
Cecilia Sauceda, 5/14
Hallie Hagler, 5/17

Jerry Austin, 5/19
Wanda Wallace, 5/20
Virginia Oliver, 5/21
Jim Fyfe, 5/24
Nate Rollins, 5/26



Kathy & Bill 5/8
Peggy & Rich Kangas 5/22