We are God’s well-loved children! We are young, not-so young, married, single, in partnerships, widows, and widowers. We are ethnically, racially, politically, socially, economically, and theologically diverse, and we love each other! We like to say that we are blessed to be a blessing! We use who we are to build relationships with each other and the neighbors around us.



The session has voted to resume in-sanctuary worship. Safety protocols are required and your cooperation is appreciated.


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Sunday, May 9, we receive our annual Presbyterian Women Birthday offering which provides life giving grants to mission projects throughout the world since 1922.  Offering envelopes are enclosed; offering plates are in the Narthex. Thank you for giving generously!

The Outreach Committee meets Monday, May 10, at I pm in the Fellowship Hall.

The Presbyterian Women Circle of Mary will meet this Wednesday at noon in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a light lunch and Bible study together. Peggy Kangas is in charge, so please contact her to sign up! 850.265.3060. All women are invited and welcome!

Michelle McCarthy, wife of Michael King, expresses immense gratitude for our financial contribution to her family at this devastating time in their lives. Pastor Lisa had a time to visit with Michelle this week and presented gifts totaling over $5,000 to her family. Love-in-action!

Camp Dogwood Acres brochures are available in the Narthex! Camp will be held this summer for kids in grades 2-12 during the months of June and July. To be safe, each church must send a chaperone/counselor with each group of kids. All will be housed together in a cabin. For more information, contact Pastor Lisa.



Roy Martin 5/2
Sandy Destival 5/3
Marti Willis 5/3
Ellamae Benton 5/7
John Deegins 5/7
Mitch Hood 5/8
Micki Lawley 5/14
Cecilia Sauceda 5/14
Hallie Hagler 5/17
Jerry Austin 5/19

Wanda Wallace 5/20
Virginia Oliver 5/21
Jim Fyfe 5/24
Nate Rollins 5/26


Peggy & Rich Kangas 5/22