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We are cherished as God's beloved children—spanning across various ages, marital statuses, and life situations, including singles, those in partnerships, widows, and widowers. Our community thrives on diversity, embracing differences in gender, ethnicity, race, politics, social standing, economics, and theology. United by love and inclusivity, we proudly affirm that we are blessed in order to be a blessing to others. Leveraging our individual identities, we actively cultivate meaningful relationships within our community and extend that spirit of connection to our neighbors.


At the heart of our faith is the conviction that God embodies love, and through the lens of Jesus Christ, we recognize the inherent value of each individual, seeing them as reflections of God's boundless love. Every aspect of our collective words and actions as a congregation stems from this foundational belief and appreciation for God's image within each of us.


During our worship, we honor the risen Christ, holding firm to the conviction that where two or three gather, Christ is among them (Matthew 18). Understanding that worship serves as a source of revitalization, we recognize that as we leave the sanctuary, we enter the mission field with the purpose of sharing God's love with the community around us.



As recipients of blessings meant to be shared, we extend the love of God through various neighborhood ministries. Some among us serve as mentors at the nearby elementary school, while others contribute to local initiatives addressing issues like food insecurity, homelessness, education, senior care, and local government.


Established in 1913, First Presbyterian Church has deep roots in the downtown Lynn Haven neighborhood, emerging just two years after the town itself was founded. As the sole PC(USA) congregation in Lynn Haven, we take pride in representing our denomination with qualities of hope, inclusiveness, goodwill, ministry, and vitality within this wonderful community.


Over the years, we have been fortunate to have numerous pastors, and in June 2018, Rev. Lisa Martin answered the call to serve at FPC. Leading our congregation with grace, she navigated us through the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, which struck Lynn Haven and nearby communities on October 10, 2018, causing widespread devastation. Pastor Lisa, in collaboration with the Session, has guided us resiliently through the challenges of the pandemic, steering us towards a vibrant and promising future.

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