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We are God’s well-loved children! We are young, not-so young, married, single, in partnerships, widows, and widowers. We are ethnically, racially, politically, socially, economically, and theologically diverse, and we love each other! We like to say that we are blessed to be a blessing! We use who we are to build relationships with each other and the neighbors around us.


Our core belief is that God is love, and because God loves the world in Jesus Christ, we value each other as created in God’s loving image. Everything we say and do as a congregation flows from that basic belief and value.


We honor the presence of the risen Christ in our worship, for we believe that “when two or three are gathered together”, Christ is present, as well (Matthew 18).


We understand that worship refreshes and renews us so that when we leave the sanctuary, we enter the mission field.


Because we are blessed to be a blessing, we carry the love of God to a variety of neighborhood ministries. Many of us are mentors at the elementary school directly across the street. Others serve in local ministries focused on food insecurity, homelessness, education, senior care, and local government.


First Presbyterian Church was founded in 1913, two years after the town of Lynn Haven was established. Since its founding, FPC has been rooted in the downtown Lynn Haven neighborhood. We are the only PC(USA) congregation in Lynn Haven, and are honored to represent our denomination with hope, goodwill, ministry, and vitality in this wonderful place.


We’ve been blessed with lots of pastors through the years. Rev. Lisa Martin accepted the call to FPC in June 2018. She has guided our congregation through the devastation and rebuilding after Hurricane Michael decimated Lynn Haven and surrounding communities on October 10, 2018.

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