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Our Presbyterian Women Rock!

Did you know the quiet impact the women of First Church are making in the lives of local high school students in need?

FPCLH is a blessing to Bay Co. high schoolers!

FPC is a blessing to Bay County high schoolers!

Sue Bowen, Graduation Intervention Specialist with Bay County Schools, reports the following about Bay County high school students:

  • 535 are currently homeless;

  • 253 are currently homeless and unaccompanied;

  • 69 female seniors are homeless and unaccompanied;

  • 52 male seniors are homeless and unaccompanied.

Our FPC Presbyterian Women made a commitment to bless these students this school year, and Sue reports that PW has assisted:

  • 17 with monthly trolley passes

  • 3 car seats were purchased for student parents,

  • diapers and special medications for 2 teen moms and babies;

  • infant clothing was purchased allowing 3 teen mom’s babies to enter day care;

  • 7 senior class dues were paid;

  • 2 college applications were paid;

  • gasoline for 4 student’s cars was purchased;

  • work clothing for 10 students was purchased;

  • food gift cards for 14 students were purchased;

  • phones and minutes for those phones for 3 students were purchased;

  • Walmart gift cards for 6 students were purchased;

  • 2 bicycles and 3 skateboards were purchased.

Wow!! Keep up the good work FPC!

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