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Please allow me to introduce myself! I am a cradle Presbyterian whose blood flows with generations of Virginia Presbyterians.

There simply hasn’t been a time in my life when I doubted God’s love and providential care. That’s not to say that life has always been the easiest for me. But through it all, God has taught me lessons that I have been privileged to apply to my ministry with seeking, hurting individuals.  I truly believe that “all things [really can] work together for good for those who love the Lord, who are called according to God’s purposes” (Romans 8).


I’m a farm girl, having been raised on a large farm near Lexington, Virginia. The youngest of eight children (and a twin), I grew up appreciating the simpler things of life. I’m not afraid of hard work, nor of getting my hands dirty. For me, ministry is like farm life: there’s always lots to do, sometimes less money than we’d like, but always food on the table and love in the home.


I graduated from Berea College (Kentucky), Lexington Theological Seminary (Kentucky, Master of Divinity), and Union Theological Seminary (Virginia, Master of Theology). Ordained on October 23, 1994, I have served congregations in North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, and now Florida.


Because ministry changes through the years, I have found specialized training to be useful. I hold certifications in conflict mediation, church growth, family systems theory, stewardship, and revitalization. My passion is healthy congregations that focus outward in ministry to the neighborhood in which the church house resides. Serving the Presbytery of Florida, I chair the presbytery’s Committee on Congregational Revitalization.


The delights of my life are my daughters, Anna and Ashley, both of whom reside and work in New York City, a place I enjoy visiting (on occasion), but never living! On August 19, 2017,  I married God’s best gift to me (besides my children). Roy, also a Presbyterian minister, serves as General Presbyter for the Presbytery of Florida. Together we have four children (Roy has a daughter and son, both in Florida), two grandchildren (in Florida), two cats, and one dog. I never knew I could be so blessed!


It is an honor to serve the Lynn Haven congregation. After 25 years of ordained ministry, I continue to grow into the adventure that ministry is. I’m grateful for an exceptional staff here at FPC. We’ve weathered Hurricane Michael together; we’ve grown in understanding of our role in this community; and we dearly care for each other. I can’t ask for more than that!

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Music Director, Organist

As Minnie Pearl may have said once or twice, "Howdy! I'm jest so proud to be here!"

That's how I feel! Thanks to a chance meeting at a Lynn Haven Block Party, I am proud to be a part of the First Church family.

I was raised in North Dakota (uffda!), and have been a professional musician for over twenty years.


My religious upbringing provided opportunities to worship in many different traditions and I bring that diversity to my music ministry. I consider myself a woefully lapsed Episcopalian and … practicing Presbyterian.

The loves of my life are Winston and Sophie, two feline companions who've been with me through it all.

It is a great privilege to say I work in ministry with a community of faith where love really is the doctrine, and is spoken through action.

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